Research Intelligence

Hawkins Haile offers research intelligence services to both investment banking and executive search clients.

Executive Search

In certain circumstances our execution team is happy to assist executive search clients across investment banking searches. Usually this is for a daily charge out rate although it can be on a project wide basis. This can be internal ie in your office location or external.

Our team has solid experience across investment banking, capital markets, trading and sales, private equity, hedge funds, research, insurance, corporate banking and asset management. Team members have over ten years experience each and one member has been a head of research on three separate occasions. Please contact us for details.

Investment Banking & Boutique Clients

Clients typically use us for competitor team mapping and investor commentary as part of a business wide potential upgrade or feedback programme or for team assessment and rationalisation prior to a merger.

Historically when a client has been contemplating moving into a new area we have been asked to map competitor teams and benchmark lead individuals to give an idea of investment required and potential returns. This may or may not lead to establishment of business area. Frequently a client in this case will also be introduced to the key team leaders in the business area.

We also produce extensive reward and retention studies which encompass client perception analysis. These are tailored to specific areas of client interest and used by remuneration boards and Heads of Department.

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